The following is a brief description of the collection of the Institute.

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    Collected in and after 1939

    170 items, approx.

    Shiigamoto Collection

    A collection of the original manuscripts and handwritten copies of Moribe Tachibana, a Japanese classical scholar.

    Collected in 1939

    1,181 items

    Yasui Collection

    A collection of the two generations of Sokken Yasui and Bokudo Yasui who were Confucian scholars at the end of the Edu era.

    Collected in 1942

    4,900 items, approx.

    Hamano Collection

    A collection of Tomosaburo Hamano who was a scholar of Chinese classical literature during the Meiji and Taisho eras. This collection also include the Kodo Collection: the original manuscripts, interpolations and handwritten copies of Kodo Matsuzaki, a Confucian scholar in the late Edo era.

    Collected (donated) in and after 1958-59

    140 items, approx.

    Kamei Family Collection

    Original manuscripts and codices of Nanmei Kamei and Shoyo Kamei, father and son, who were Confucian scholars at the end of the Edo era. These were donated to the library through the generosity of Mr. Matsunaga and Mr. Yasukawa.

    Collected (donated) in 1958

    283 items

    Hiraoka Collection

    This collection was donated by Yoshifumi Hiraoka who was a professor emeritus at Keio University and also know as shake (family of Shinto priests serving a shrine on a hereditary basis) of Tsukudajima Sumiyoshi shrine.

    Collected (donated) in 2009

    400 items, approx. *Except Western style books

    Ōsone Collection

    A collection of Shosuke Ōsone (1929-93) who was a professor at Chuo University and specialized in Sino-Japanese Literature. This collection covers a wide range of Sino-Japanese Literature and related items from ancient to the medieval period.

    Collected (donated) in 2014

    1000 items, approx. *Except Western style books

    Imazeki Collection

    A collection of Tenbō Imazeki (1882-1970) who served for the government as an advisor before and during the war, and also known as a scholar and composer of Chinese classics.

    Collected in 1963

    200 items, approx.

    Matsubayashi Keigetsu Collection

    A collection of Nanga painter (an original style of Japanese painting): Keigetsu Matsubayashi (1876-1963). The collection consists of garon, hōchō, and Chinese prose and poetry.

    Deposited by the Keio Institute of Cultural & Linguistic Studies

    250 items, approx.

    Nagashima Collection

    A collection of Eiichiro Nagashima (1900-78) who was a professor emeritus at Tokyo Metropolitan University, and majored Chinese phonology. The collection consists of letters and phonemic related books of Ming-Qing and Civil period.

    Owned by Keio University and stored in Shido Bunko

    400 items, approx.

    Gaspardone Collection

    A collection of Emile Gaspardone (1895-1982), a French oriental scholar who studied Chinese classics related to Vietnam and Vietnamese books. Other collections, such as Western style books are stored in Keio University Library and manuscripts are stored in Keio Institute of Cultural & Linguistic Studies.

  • deposited
    Donated by Eisei bunko in 1965

    2,000 items, approx. *Except Western style books

    Tando Collection

    Some 28, 000 books of Chinese classical that had formerly belonged to Mr. Teikichi Kojo, a scholar of Chinese classic literature, who lectured on Chinese literature in Keio University for a long time before World War Ⅱ.

    Donated by Eisei bunko in 1973

    1,900 items, approx.

    Cordier Collection

    Some 5, 000 books that had belonged to Henri Cordier, the famous French orientalist.

    Deposited by Entai Tomomatsu in 1983

    3,300 items, approx.

    Historiographical Institute of Meiji Buddhism's Collection

    A collection that had belonged to Kanda temple, which was founded by Entai Tomomatsu, a buddhist scholar, who lectured at Keio University's preparatory course.

    Deposited in 2009

    8,900 items, approx.

    Century Cultural Foundation Consignment Collection

    Noble collection of rare books and valuable materials such as bokuseki, old writings, and artworks were consigned by the Century Culutural Foundation.

  • OTHERs

    In addition to the special and deposited collection, some 600 items of rare books and semi-precious books—which were purchased by the Aso family, donated by the donation committee, and purchased by the subsidies of the Ministry of Education, etc.—are stored in the institute.